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Felt Factory weding venue

What's Old Is New Again...

Begin Your Future In Our Historic Frankford Venue

The Felt Factory was carved from the walls and halls of the old Philadelphia Felt Mill, where the sounds of machinery kept the local neighborhood busy by day, and lulled them to sleep at night. Today the building lives again with a cast of dedicated professionals. The joyous noises that you hear are of music, laughter and celebrations of family, friends and the community. An industrial venue that is known for its commitment to quality, integrity, and service has grown into one of Philadelphia’s premier caterers.

Experience Vintage Love Affairs

Imagine having that first magical dance with your new spouse under the glow of the lights of a building that was once home to factory workers, industrial builders, crafters, designers etc... Imagine it’s a room that tells a story, that incites a feeling…a room that leaves your guests feeling as if they have experienced something truly unique.

Christine wedding

"The Felt Factory is definitely the place to get married! We looked at other venues, but we fell in love with the Felt Factory. Other venues felt too much like a hotel or conference room, and they didn't provide a personable experience like the Felt Factory did when we looked at venues. We also couldn't beat their pricing. The Felt Factory offered great packages to meet all budgets.

Our wedding day was FABULOUS! The staff took really great care of us and all of our guests, the food was incredible, definitely tasted like a 5 star restaurant! The staff even used some of my centerpieces as decorations for the ceremony since I forgot to provide ceremony decorations. This venue knows their weddings, you won't be disappointed if you book with the Felt Factory!"

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1523 E Wingohocking St, Philadelphia, PA 19124


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