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A Collaboration of Creative Proportions

A décor love affair between The Felt Factory, EBE, and A to Z Party Rental captured by the inimitable LoveStruck Pictures.

“Collaborate with people you can learn from”. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best in the business. We have been truly blessed to be able to learn from and create magic with our peers who share the same goal as us: to provide all our clients with and event experience that they can feel.

Long after the event is over, after the glitter and confetti has been swept up, after the linens have been returned, after the décor has been taken down and long after our guests have walked out of our doors, one thing is going to always remain: the feeling of having experienced something truly unique.

Our incredible partners and collaborators share that same dedication to the details and to the unique factors. Every bride, every groom, every party planner, and every single guest is different and special in their own right. No one thing is going to be applicable to all of those who wish to share a special event with us. That is why here at The Felt Factory we work to ensure that every client feels like their event was everything they had ever envisioned.

That is why we have sought to create those special moments with collaborators who share that same sentiment.


The attention to detail that is delivered by EBE is unmatched. The incredible and magical dazzling dream that you envisioned for your wedding day is exactly what EBE delivers. The pairing of a silky and romantic draping and a shimmering waterfall of twinkle lights is what true glamour dreams are made of, and EBE brings that dreamy décor to life.

A to Z Party Rental:

Imagine any color scheme, any décor theme, and sparkle and any shine that you envision for the linens for your event and you have the wonder that is A to Z, who can provide just about any type of linen to bring your vision to life. The classic look, the glamour vibe, the vibrant vision, the quirky and the fun, A to Z has to the ability and the commitment to bring any one of these types of linen set ups to life.

LoveStruck Pictures:

If there is any one vendor or creator that we have come across who shares our spirit and our tenacity for providing a totally unique experience that is all about the client, it would be the incredible LoveStruck Pictures team. Their passion for highlighting the small and the unique moments in their photos and in their videos is what makes them stand out. They find those sweet and intimate moments that truly make any event special and memorable. Long after the event has ended, you will be able to relive the best moments of your event thanks to the frozen in time memories created by LoveStruck Pictures.

Each one of these vendors provided us here at The Felt Factory with our own unique experience when they all came together to create a brand-new décor opportunity for all our clients. A whole lot of magic was created between some very passionate, dedicated and creative event specialists.

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