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Embracing the Felt

A venue design that balances comfort with industrial chic.

“Comfort is key”, perhaps you’ve heard this saying once or twice before. These are words to live by in the hospitality industry, and words that we try to exemplify here at The Felt Factory. When you hear our name and you hear the word “factory” you might be thinking to yourself that this doesn’t sound quite like the wedding venue that you may have been imagining for your big day. But, that is exactly what makes us unique.

Here at the Felt Factory we take great pride in our ability to balance the comfort with the industrial elements that both celebrate our history and define our present. When you pull up to our building you are met with the sight of a historically charming exterior, that provides the cover for the chic and modern interior that you are met with when you walk through our front doors.

It is so important to all of us here at The Felt Factory that everyone who spends their time with us is provided the best service and is met with both comfort and style. When you enter our grand lobby, you be met with not one, but three plush and luxurious plum colored benches, their fabric being almost felt like. Our two smaller benches retain the comfort and modern style that we pride ourselves on, and they are perched in front of our plush floral wall. Providing the perfect photo opportunity in this space.

Our plush plum lounger provides that vintage and modern setting for those absolutely unique and beautiful photos that any bride and groom would be proud to show off. If your photographer manages to also capture our grandiose and illuminating chandelier in the background, then you are sure to wow anyone when you show off your wedding day album.

Our Capri room exemplifies the true meaning of modern and classic. We have recently upgraded our intimate and contemporary room with a whole lot of sparkle. Our brand-new crystal chandeliers and sconces uniquely reflect the modern up-lighting in this room to provide quite the beautiful setting for any event that this room has the pleasure of hosting. Our Capri room has also been adorned with deep plum curtains that bring a certain warmth to this space, only enhancing the intimate feeling that you get when you have an event in this space.

We have provided true comfort and style to a space that was once barren and forgotten when its original inhabitants, the industrial workers, had moved on from our building. We have filled our walls with style, with class and with a whole lot of sparkle while still maintaining what has always made us unique: the industrial elements that celebrate our history.

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