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It’s Ok To Be “Anti-Social” on Your Wedding Day

How to stay in the moment and cherish your wedding day!

“Yes” “I Do” “Hell Yes” “Forever, For Always”…..phrases expressed between two people in love, in happiness, in giddy agreement of forever…for always…..two people.…two very destined people…just these two people belong here in these special moments and ceremonial actions. So why treat the rest of your wedding day any different?

As one very wise woman once sang...“At last my love has come along, my lonely days are over, and life is like a song....the skies above are blue” Those blue skies go far beyond the incomparable moments of “yes” or “I do”. And those magical blue skies you feel don’t always belong on social media or even in the eyes or minds of those in attendance of your big day. Make this “song” one that just belongs to you and your love. (And maybe also to Queen Etta James)

In this day and age, we are so quick to let social media dictate our every move. The places we visit, the moments we experience, the people we encounter….all become puzzle pieces in our social media footprint. But, when it comes to one of the most important days of your life….is a social media “behind the scenes” look a necessary part of this special day? We certainly don’t always believe so!

Listen, social media is one of our favorite tools to share the beautiful and heart-warming moments of the weddings that we are so privileged to experience. But, for our brides and grooms? All we ever want is for them to be present in their day, to remember every single detail, thought, moment, gesture of love, tear, heart flutter, smile and joyous laughter. The best way to achieve this? No phones, no social media and no P R E S S U R E!

To our brides and grooms: let go, be free, leave the phones behind, leave the expectations of “perfect” photos behind, leave the pressure of “proper behavior” behind, leave every type of cliché, standard or “rule” at home. Because guess what? On YOUR wedding day…there is not a single rule or expectation to follow.

Those “blue skies” of your love…well they are just about any shade/shape you make them out to be.

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