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Philly Love for Autumn Weddings

A summer of love and style has come to an end and we are full speed ahead to fall in love with our autumn weddings. The beauty of seasons is the ever-changing colors, feelings, textures, patterns, styles and vibes that come with each one. We are ready to put our bright electric colors and summer jams away for next year and get ready for the crisp vibes that fall brings.

The best part about the fall season for us? No, it’s not because of football! It’s all of the gorgeous autumn inspired weddings that we get to celebrate here at The Felt Factory. The warm hues, the soft florals and the crisp fall air is a recipe for one truly magical wedding day.

Let’s talk about some of favorite fall inspired wedding trends here in Philadelphia:


There is no doubt that the colors of the autumn season are some of the best and most beautiful colors to display on your wedding day. The crisp hues of fall, like those of the orange, maroon, blue, and yellow kind, really pop when displayed against the background of the fall foliage. Here at The Felt Factory our Mill room also provides that perfect fall backdrop. With its exposed bricks and wooden beams, the Mill room is truly full of fall magic in its own unique way.


All of the Mums please! Fall foliage can be found just about everywhere during the autumn months and Philadelphia is no stranger to the beautiful fall foliage that can be found in the many parks throughout our city. In addition to working in the fall leaves and greenery that we will see there are many different beautiful flowers that really bring fall to life, and they make quite the beautiful bouquet. Work in those beautiful fall chrysanthemums, those perfectly yellow hued sunflowers, those orange and yellow toned pansies and of course for extra measure: a gorgeous fall leaf or two!


Of course, all of the beautiful flowers that we just discussed all go without saying when discussing fall décor. Work those flowers in at just about every turn! But beyond the flowers, there are a few other important fall plants to take note of for tour wedding décor. Of course, we have the autumn toned leaves and greenery. Two things that can be used for many different décor aspects: on the wedding cake, in the centerpieces, table décor or even just accented throughout your venue. We can’t talk about fall wedding décor without stating the obvious: pumpkins! There is a myriad of ways to work in a good pumpkin for décor. Centerpieces, lighting, accent décor, wedding cake decoration, a favor, or hey even a signature cocktail! Pumpkins are going to rule your wedding day.


Let’s be honest here, we know this is the most important point to touch on when discussing ANY wedding during any season! Desserts are a lot of fun to work when you can work off the current monthly vibe and feeling. For the autumn season one major ingredient for any dessert is pumpkin. You’ve got your pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin icing…anything you can imagine. Apples are also another big dessert factor for the fall. Apple pie, apple cakes, apple pastries and of course the ever-popular candy apple, which makes for a great wedding favor! One last important dessert that we want to touch on for fall is the s’more! What is better than a s’mores dessert station at your wedding?! It is the perfect fall inspired dessert.

Lucky for anyone reading that is reading this blog and is now feeling themselves in the fabulous fall spirit, we can provide you with the perfect fall wedding here at The Felt Factory in Philadelphia. If you want to discuss fall wedding colors, décor, floral or desserts and share in our love of this beautiful autumn season then give us a call today! We’ll bring the pumpkin pastries and some warm apple cider.

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