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The First Look: The Intimate Moments on Your Wedding Day

Picture it: The swell of the music begins, the doors open, your guests rise, and you link your arm onto your father’s, take that last deep breath and you take those first steps toward you forever. You take that walk down the aisle, all on eyes on you but your eyes lock with the person of your dreams standing at the end of the long walk and you smile at one another knowing that you’re about to create a bond to last a lifetime. That very first look with your fiancé is one that can never be replicated or possibly even put into words. It’s a silent, special and intimate moment between you and your forever soulmate. It is this very moment and moments just like it that are the very best moments of your wedding day.

Of course, there are many more special and memorable wedding day moments. But few are as intimate and as personal as that first look. The intimate moments on your wedding day aren’t always as widely discussed as the bigger and flashier moments that we are so used to hearing about and seeing.

A wedding, in its essence, is the forming of a bond and if you’re lucky enough an eternal union. You are fusing together two separate lives to create a brand new one together. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of excitement to plan and celebrate a wedding. But, it takes a lot of love and a lot of commitment to create a life together. This kind of love and commitment to one another is what is expressed in that very first look. It’s the pure excitement and deep love that is conveyed through those first looks and smiles.

You finally reach your partner at the top of the aisle and you take their hand and you begin to recite the words that will unite you both in love and commitment. You are holding hands, looking into one another’s eyes, reciting your vows, holding back the tears, feeling the love all around you and the pure elation that you are feeling can’t be put into words, that is THE moment that you will always remember. This is the intimate, the deeply personal and the deeply special moment that is just the beginning of the life you are going to create together.

Then comes the kiss. The moment it all becomes real and the moment where the love and excitement you feel is now bursting at the seams. You are now forever joined with the one you love. The party and celebrating of course is soon to come but for now you are in this moment of pure love and happiness. These are the intimate moments that you will always remember and that you will always hold in your heart long after the party has ended. These moments are what a wedding is truly all about.

Here at the Felt Factory, we encourage you to not get lost in the stress of putting on a show for your guests but rather get lost in the intimate moments between you and your spouse. #SomethingYouCanFeel

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