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The Modern Event: The New Vibe

The age-old Shakespearean saying “what’s in a name” has become a repeated question in the decades following the publishing of the ever-famous love story, Romeo and Juliet. Even if Shakespeare was referencing a floral rose when he wrote that famous line, and even if we prefer a happier ending than that of Romeo and Juliet, we find it to be a line that fits quite well with our name, The Felt Factory.

If we are going to discuss the idea of reshaping the traditional event standard, then we can’t go without talking about how our very name reshapes anything you ever thought you knew about a wedding. A felt factory? Not exactly what one might think when searching for the dream wedding venue. But, those two words, our two words are exactly what makes this wedding venue unique and special.

It evokes a feeling, it begs a question, it starts a conversation. If you want a memorable event that will keep your guests talking for months to come, you can look no further than The Felt Factory. It will have your guests asking questions in the months leading up to your wedding day and it will leave them with a memorable feeling when your big day has passed.

So, what exactly is in a name? Well in our case our name holds a little mystery, a little quirkiness, a little history and a whole lot of heart.

Our motto here at The Felt Factory is “Something You Can Feel”. We want everyone who walks through our doors for an event to feel as though they experienced something unique, something off the cuff, something that leaves them wanting more.

How exactly do we do this? We mix the comfort with the industrial, the modern with the rustic, and the unique with the traditional in the best ways possible. The Felt Factory is not like any other venue that you’ve been too. It is hidden in a place you wouldn’t normally look to find a chic wedding venue. It’s bursting with historical architecture and chic modern finishes. A splash of comforting deep purple vibes, a hint of floral accents, an outline of industrial architecture, a feeling of historical significance and whole lot of dedication makes up this little venue tucked away in Frankford Philadelphia.

So, take everything you ever thought about the traditional wedding, the traditional event, the traditional décor and the ever so traditional vibes and throw them out the window on your way over to The Felt Factory. Because when you step through our doors your new standard is going to become an industrial chic event with a whole lot of character.

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