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The Seating Style: Unique Set Ups for Your Event

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Let’s start thinking out of the box, beyond the traditional, beyond that simple round table flow of your venue. Remember in school when your teacher would pick a day to rearrange the desks in the classroom and you found yourself gaining a new perspective of the room and finding it a fun day of school? Why not use this same concept when planning out your wedding day? Who says you need to stick to the basics and the traditional when it comes to your wedding day seating arrangements!

There are many different seating set ups that you can choose for your wedding day. It’ all about knowing what vibe you want to set on your big day. If you and your fiancé are more of the dancing and celebrating type than perhaps choosing a seating style that surrounds your dance floor, and leaves plenty of floor space, would be the best option. In this instance you might want to choose long tables to use for your reception. This would allow for all the tables to surround the dance floor, giving everyone a perfect view of the inevitable dance offs to come. These types of tables would also allow for a quick turnover if you wanted to remove a few of them to open even more space in the room!

Now if you would prefer a simpler and more intimate setting for your reception then we have a few ideas about that too! Creating a comfortable and intimate setting with a round table style set up can be done in more than one creative way. You can easily make you and your fiancé the focus of the room by setting yourselves up in the center and surrounding yourselves with tables full of loved ones.

The size of your reception hall is going to play a big part in the set up of the room as well. It can be hard to try to produce that intimate feeling in a larger room. We would suggest breaking down the room to allow for a more intimate area of guest seating throughout the reception. If you designate an area where your guests will be seated and cordoned off the rest of the room for other purposes, such as a buffet, a band, a DJ, a dessert station or even just an extra-large dance floor then you are giving your guests the space to relax and mingle while not feeling overwhelmed with the size of the room.

Another fun idea that would give your reception space a more unique and quirky feel would be to mix the round tables with the long ones. Using different shapes and sizes of tables for the reception layout would bring a different atmosphere to the evening. These different types of tables would also give you a lot of unique set up options. You can mix and match tables, choose different spacing and even use this type of set up to color coordinate each table or area of the ballroom.

Your wedding day is all about you and your fiancé. There are so many ways to make your special day unique and memorable Don’t forget that your seating arrangements is one of them! Find the layout and style that fits you both and don’t be afraid to take a risk with it!

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