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Weddings in the Age of Social Media

There is perhaps no greater evolving trend than that of social media and technology. Social media has become an extension of who we are as a person. Our social media presence has become a way to define who we are and to reach and connect with an audience of people that perhaps we wouldn’t be able to connect with in real life.

In our case, that would be the wonderful world of weddings. Social media, especially Instagram, has allowed us to connect with other innovators and creators in the wedding industry all over the world. We draw our inspiration and ideas from those who share our same passion of love and happily ever after.

As a venue we appreciate the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with different vendors and innovators in the Philadelphia area who help us to grow as much as we can in this ever-changing events industry.

We encourage any bride, groom or wedding planner to take advantage of the opportunities that social media provides when it comes to planning your dream wedding. As you are going through your planning and looking for inspiration and innovative ideas, follow pages and groups on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter that dedicate their brand to weddings and design!

This is a great way to not only build a relationship with different vendors, photographers, designers, florists etc., but it also will help you put together a solid plan for your wedding day.

Beyond the scope of the planning process, social media has also provided the perfect way to share your big day with not only your friends and family but also those all over the world. Instagram and Facebook especially allow for you to share your wedding photos and videos with all of those who were not in attendance at your big day. It also allows for anyone who was present at your wedding to share any fun snaps they took during the wedding.

Social media platforms like Snapchat allows you to personalize your wedding day in the world of social media. Snapchat has a fun feature where you can design and purchase your own geo filter specifically for your big day. This is another great way to share your photos from your wedding day and to find the snaps and videos that your guests took throughout the day.

Hashtags are yet another great example of how social media has made it more innovative and more easily accessible when it comes to sharing your wedding photos. It also enhances the creativity aspect, you can create a unique hashtag specific to your big day that everyone can use on the photos and videos that they share on their own social media.

Social media has provided us all with such a unique way to ease the wedding and event planning stress. It has provided us, as a venue, and especially all our brides and grooms with the opportunity to make real connections and relationships with those who share the same goals and passions.

Social media provides everyone with the unique chance to share their wedding day happiness with everyone who chooses to follow along!

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