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Our Favorite Historical Philadelphia Wedding Venues

The city of brotherly love is home to some of the richest American history and as a result, America's most stunning historic event venues.

Ben Franklin Would Be Proud
Guide To Historic Philadelphia Event Venues

The city of brotherly love is home to some of the richest American history.  A city where passion and determination are at the forefront of a landscape full of historical charm and modern architecture.  Within the limits of this city of love are a wide variety of historical locations that have been transformed into the ultimate spaces to celebrate love: wedding venues.

A venue bursting with historical stories and beauty provides the ultimate back drop for your big day. You would be hard pressed to find another city that exudes the historical intrigue and grand architecture the way that the city of brotherly love does.  That is why the wedding venues in Philadelphia that exude this historical charm are the ones that will make your wedding day all the more special and memorable.

In Philadelphia you have many different options for having a historical wedding venue. You can choose the ever-popular location of Philadelphia’s City Hall, the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts, the historic Curtis Center in Washington Square, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Water Works in historic Fairmount, The Stotesbury Mansion built in 1870 or One North Broad where you can have Ben Franklin watch over your reception. But if we had to select a favorite, it would be Romano’s Catering in the historic Frankford section of Philadelphia.

Romano’s Catering has been transformed from the once industrial Frogmoore Mills into one of Philadelphia’s top historical wedding venues. Up until the 1920’s The Frogmoore Mills were a staple in the community for the working class and a staple in the United States for felt production. It is a location that was once home to the cities hardest working laborers, nestled in a neighborhood with both familial and community values.

Still today, this little section of the city retains those values of hard work and community that have helped to further it into comeback and Romano’s Catering is in the heart of this hardworking community. Our building is bursting with historical attributes and charm. We still retain some of the original structures and woodwork that has given our ballrooms that unique rustic feel that our brides are seeking. In each one of our ballrooms, along with our expansive lobby, you will find architectural designs and details that will take you back to those days when the sounds heard within these walls were of the industrial kind.

Here at Romano’s you can feel the history through the architectural details and remains of the original Frogmoore Mills structure. We have mixed the modern in with the historical details to provide every one of our brides with the perfect industrial chic wedding venue. By choosing Romano’s Catering as your wedding venue you are choosing to share a little bit of this city’s history with all of your guests that will leave them with quite the unique and memorable feeling.

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