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Frankford & Juniata: A Northeast Philadelphia Comeback Story

Welcome back to Frankford and Juniata, a neighborhood with a lot of charm and a whole lot of character.

Frankford Resurgence
Frankford Philadelphia Map

Everyone loves a good comeback story. We’ve all faced challenges and subsequently experienced unexpected victories that have ultimately built character.  Our little town of Frankford and Juniata are on the tail end of that story.  Welcome back to Juniata, a neighborhood with a lot of charm and a whole lot of character.

Nestled in the heart of the Frankford section of Philadelphia, this area is right at the center of a resurgence, the resurgence of the industrial landscape. More organizations are taking advantage of the buying opportunity, investing millions to stake their claim the neighborhood.  Take the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for example.   Their new multi-million-dollar Juniata facility is world class and has become an admired focal point in the area.  New housing and renovation dollars can be seen springing up in the livable communities all around the area, welcoming millennial looking to start their adult lives, and Generation Xers seeking great home investments.  

On top of the developed housing and parks in the area, there is a litany of public transportation stops offering short commutes to Center City Philadelphia.

Education is always key in any neighborhood resurgence.  Juniata’s new charter school, Northwood Academy, has become a beacon of education and guidance. And of course, there is the ever-present Juniata Golf Club and park that has been a staple in the neighborhood for leisure, socializing and important moments with family and friends.

Right in the heart of the Juniata area stands our very own Romano’s Catering. One of Philadelphia’s premiere historical wedding venues that has invested more than $3 Million into the Frankford and Juniata resurgence to transform the old Frogmoore Felt Mill into an industrial-chic event venue perfect for life’s special moments.

In its earlier days Juniata was rural in its appearance and design. An area known for farming and home to the industrial surge in Philadelphia, it was a place home to hardworking laborers, families, and community. Still today, the Juniata area retains those familiar values. In the 1920’s this area also saw some of the first row-home style homes built, a very familiar and common housing structure in the city of Philadelphia.

In many ways Juniata set the precedent for a lot of what we now see in this city. All along Powder Mill Lane a hardworking neighborhood rose up to become a beacon of promise of prosperity. Today, this little neighborhood is making its comeback and we are honored to be along for the ride.

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