Grand Weddings VS. Intimate Weddings

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made when you are planning a wedding. Everything from choosing a venue to choosing a cake to choosing colors to choosing your bridal party. However, one of the biggest and most time-consuming decisions is narrowing down the guest list!

There are going to be a lot of people who either want to be invited to your wedding or feel they should be invited to your wedding. These people include everyone from your closest friends and family to the obligation invites of distant relatives that you might have only met once or only see at the annual family Christmas party.

Regardless of how close of a relationship you have with the people you invite; you are bound to run into those difficult decisions of whether or not to invite certain people. One of the first things that you will want to decide in order to make this process a bit easier, is to figure out if your goal is a small and intimate wedding or a grand and large celebration.  Once you’ve decided if you want a small or large wedding then you can really start either narrowing down or expanding your guest list!

Here at The Felt Factory we can accommodate both of these wedding guest list options! You can have as little as 50 guests and as many as 350 guests! We would love to help you plan for either one of those wedding options!

Large and Grand Weddings:

There are many benefits to having a large wedding. When you plan to have a big wedding it gives you the ability to have more freedom with your guest list. You won’t need to stress quite as much about who to invite and who not to invite because you are leaving the options open.  With a large wedding you can have everyone there who means the most to you in life, as well as the people you may not be as close with but feel that their presence at your wedding is important. The more guests that you invite the bigger the celebrations will be! If it is important to you to have a large amount of people attend your wedding, then you should absolutely have a large wedding if it fits your budget! It’s your big day and it is important for everything to turn out how you dreamed it would!

There are a few disadvantages, however, to having such a large wedding. When having a large wedding you are obviously going to be paying more money for your wedding venue in Philadelphia, so if you are on a tight budget for you wedding then this option is maybe one you won’t want to consider.  The more guests you have also means more work when it comes to making your place cards and favors! If you want to keep your wedding simple and relatively stress-free then choosing to have such a large wedding might not be for you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your guest list small and your plans on a budget!

Small and Intimate Weddings:

There are a lot of really great benefits to keeping your wedding small and intimate. The most important advantage is if you are planning a wedding on a budget! If you are keeping yourself on a budget for your wedding, then having a small guest list is definitely one great way to save money! The more guests you invite the more money you will need to spend on your venue, favors, and place cards etc.

Having a small wedding also will make your reception more intimate and relaxed with your closet family and friends. You will still have just as much fun with your smaller guest list as you would if your guest list was larger! There is nothing wrong with keeping your guest list small. Your family, friends, acquaintances etc. will understand that your budget may not allow for everyone to be invited. Ultimately it is your wedding day and you have to make the decisions based on what works best for you and what fits your dream!

A small and intimate wedding may have some disadvantages when it comes to trying to narrow that guest list down and having to really take the time to decide who you want to invite. It can definitely be stressful trying to determine that but once you get it all sorted out your plans will start falling into place! We know it might be hard and you want to be conscience of the feelings of those who don’t get invited, but ultimately you will have everyone at your wedding who you and your fiancé feel are important to be there!

No matter which guest list option that you choose for your wedding day, everyone who is meant to be at your wedding to celebrate your new marriage will be there and the day will be everything that you always dreamed about! We here at The Felt Factory by Romano's Catering, we are equipped to handle both large and small weddings at our wedding venue. Learn more about the wedding packages in Philadelphia we offer, and contact us to book our venue for your event!

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