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How to include your children in your wedding ceremony

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Make the special moments of your wedding day a family affair!

For today’s blog, we want to talk about how to make your wedding all the more special by including your children in the ceremonial moments. Here at The Felt Factory we have celebrated many weddings where our brides and grooms have included their children in the very special moments of their wedding day. It always makes the important aspects of a wedding even more significant and memorable.

If you are one of the many brides and grooms who are planning a wedding and are hoping to able to include your children in the formalities then we want to share with you some of the ways that they can be part of the special moments.

The Ceremony:

The wedding ceremony is the first big moment of your day! Some of the ways you can include your children in the ceremony is first and foremost to have them be part of your wedding party as a bridesmaid, groomsmen or even the flower girl or ring bearer. Some brides and grooms will even only have just their children in their bridal party, to keep the feeling of the day very family oriented.

You can have them walk down the aisle together, carry a “here comes the bride sign”, and if you have any very young children you can even have someone pull them in a cute wagon!

Another aspect of your wedding ceremony that you can have your children play a role in comes when you light your unity candle. A very unique way to go about this is to give each one of your children a candle to help participate in the lighting of the unity candle, as you will be signifying the unity of your family joining together. You can even have your children be part of your vows or even have them say a few words during the ceremony. Including the most important people in your life into the special moments of a wedding ceremony will surely make the day all the more memorable for everyone.

The Reception:

Once you have finished the formal part of the day and are ready to celebrate with your children and all of your family and friends there are many ideas to incorporate the family feeling into remainder of the evening. If you have chosen to have your children in your bridal party then they most certainly will have some fun with the wedding introductions. Think about letting them pick a fun song or a kooky idea to enter into the reception. It will make the moment fun and special for them. You can even enter the reception together as one big family!

The next way that you can have your children participate in the traditional wedding formalities is to include them in your first dance. You can even begin by having the dance be an intimate moment between you and your groom and then bring in your children to finish off the dance as a family. This is a very sweet and significant way to have your children be included in the personal wedding moments. A few more ideas include having your kids give a speech, perform a dance, share memories, or even help with the cake cutting.

There are so many different and special ways to make your wedding day a personal family affair! Think about what will work best for you and your children on your wedding day. No matter how you include them it will surely create very memorable and significant memories for your family. Your children will enjoy the big day even more when they feel like they were able to contribute!

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