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The First Steps for the Newly Engaged

Congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples!

It’s a new year and a fresh start and if you are one of the very many who got engaged over the holiday season then we want to first say congratulations! This new year is the perfect opportunity to set new goals for yourself. If you now find yourself having to begin your wedding planning, then we want to offer you some of our tips for how to get started! It can be a bit overwhelming and you might find it hard to decide where to even begin but have no fear, we’re here to help you along this journey! It will be stressful, busy, and maybe even overwhelming but most importantly it will be fun and it will be memorable!

First Steps of Planning a Wedding:

Celebrate the Moment:

The very first thing to do when you get engaged is to celebrate! Remember to enjoy this moment and this time of being engaged because it is a once in a lifetime and it is something that you will want to be memorable. Enjoy this time and celebrate with all of your family and friends before all of the wedding planning madness begins.

Choose a Date & Venue:

One of the first details to lock down is the date of your wedding and the venue. Once you finally choose the date and the venue that’s when you can set your other plans in to motion. You will be able to get things together such as the save the date cards and the invitations. This will also help you plan out when to begin dress shopping, fittings, etc. So it is important to make these decisions first!

Choose your Bridal Party:

Another first important step is first deciding whether or not you want a large or small bridal party. Once you have the numbers down then you can start choosing who you want to stand beside you on your big day. It is important to choose your bridesmaids and have your groom choose the groomsmen early on so that they can help you out with all of the planning!

Begin the Search for the Perfect Wedding Dress:

Now that you finally have the date set, the venue picked and the moral support of your bridesmaids you can start the search for the perfect wedding dress. Finding the perfect gown that you have always dreamed of is one of the most important and the most special parts of getting married. This experience is one that you will share with your closest friends and family and it will surely be a special moment for all. Once you finally have the gown picked out you will want to make sure you choose a schedule for fittings that will work out with the timeline leading up to the big day. This is why it is important to choose your gown as soon as you can, so that it will be ready to go for the big day!

Search for the Bridesmaid’s Gowns & Groomsmen’s Suits:

Now that you’ve found the most important piece of attire for your wedding day you can focus your energy on choosing your bridesmaids gowns and having your groom pick out the tuxes for his groomsmen.  This step is another important reason why choosing the bridal party is one of your first decisions, so that you will have enough time to choose the bridal party attire and arrange the fittings. And also to make sure that all of your bridesmaids can agree on what to wear!

Pick Out your Save the Dates and Invitations:

Once you have the venue chosen and the date booked you can then focus your efforts on choosing the perfect save the date cards to mail out, that is once you have that oh so important guest list finalized! A few months or so after you have mailed out the save the date cards and you have chosen the perfect wedding invitations, you will want to get them sent out as well. An important point to remember is to make sure you have the guest list finalized and all of the correct mailing addresses for all of your invited guests.

The Details:

The somewhat smaller, but still just as important, details that need to be focused on are things like the favors, the cake, the flowers, the theme/colors, the menu, seating chart etc. These decisions that need to be made are the ones that you can focus on once you get the big and most important details finalized! While they may come towards the end of the wedding planning they still require just as much attention as the other bigger details!

Once again we want to wish all of the newly engaged couples a big congratulations! We would absolutely love to help you plan your wedding day so give us a call today and let’s get started!

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