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The Industrial Wedding Trend!

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Picture this: It’s the evening of your wedding and you and your new spouse are about to be introduced as an official Mr. & Mrs. for the very first time. The music begins, the cheers rise, everything around you becomes illuminated in the most beautiful lighting and you walk hand-in-hand out into the historically industrial setting that you have chosen for your very special day. Quite the unique moment, right? Well, this very unique experience is one that you will experience here at The Felt Factory by Romano's Catering and it is one that will leave everyone in the room with quite the feeling.

Nestled in the heart of the Frankford section of Philadelphia, we are right at the center of a resurgence. The resurgence of the industrial landscape and the beginning of an area that will be home to the unique and memorable moments in life. A hidden gem if you will.

This area of Frankford is now home to one of the countries many Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a facility that has invested millions into this new location and has become an admired focal point in the area. There is new and updated housing springing up all around the area, becoming locations to start a life. There is the new charter school, Northwood Academy, that has become a beacon of education and guidance.  And of course, there is the ever-present Juniata Golf Club and park that has been a staple in the neighborhood for leisure, socializing and important moments with family and friends.  Our little section of Frankford in Philadelphia is growing into a place where you will want to start a life and grow that life.

Now why is this idea of an industrial chic atmosphere important? Well, the trend of an industrial style wedding has grown significantly over the years! It has become a big inspiration for brides when planning their wedding. Sure, you can always go for the more classic and modern style for your wedding, which also makes for a great wedding setting! What you might find lacking with this more modern style wedding is the unique factor, what makes your wedding day different?

What makes it really stand out? Our answer to that would be the historical factor!

Imagine having that first magical dance with your new husband/wife under the glow of the lights of a building that was once home to factory workers, industrial builders, crafters, designers etc.

Imagine it’s a room that tells a story, that incites a feeling…a room that leaves your guests with feeling as though they experienced something truly unique.

That is the draw of the industrial style wedding! You get the chance to experience one of the biggest and most memorable moments of your life in a place that has seen many important and purposeful moments throughout time, and now, that very unique location can add your wedding day to the list of milestones.

Here at The Felt Factory we have worked to embrace our historical roots and perfectly blend the vintage with the modern, the industrial with the sophisticated.  Our metallic gold chandeliers reflect off of the modern style twinkle lights and bling crystals adorning them. Our Mill room chandeliers also take on the appearance of large candelabras floating about your reception and setting the mood for those intimate wedding moments, this makes the atmosphere of your wedding day in Philadelphia all the more enchanting.

We have combined classic with rustic charm in the form of our mahogany chivari chairs that elegantly surrounded your guest tables and bring the atmospheric feeling of modern industrial to life.  Our Mill room’s design and appearance of the exposed brick and wooden beams truly brings out that historical industrial feeling in the room.  Our Manor room also mixes the modern with the rustic, it is modernized while still maintaining the wooden beamed ceiling.

You might be asking yourself why would somebody choose one of Philadelphia’s most unique industrial venues?  Well here at The Felt Factory, our building that is industrial in its style and in its history, provides that very rare and magical industrial setting that our brides are seeking. We have the history, we have the charm and we have the style! The industrial wedding trend is at the heart of what we do here. Our historical value in Philadelphia is what makes every wedding that we celebrate here so very unique and so very special.

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