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5 ways to use the element of surprise to add that “wow” factor to your event

The element of surprise can be the best kept secret for event planners looking to add “wow” factors to their event. Over our 30 years catering in Philadelphia we’ve seen this done with so many creative event planning techniques, some of which happen as naturally as proper venue selection.

For example, selecting an industrial venue sets guests expectations low at a building that on the outside doesn’t appear to be a standard event space. However, these often-historic properties usually offer an interior experience that contradicts the external look. We get a kick out of customer arriving at the Felt Factory who walk right past our 170 year old exterior into a completely modern industrial chic space. An added plus is that it gives the event planner’s guests something to talk about for the first 30 minutes of “hellos”.

Even better are the continuous surprise elements that keep the guests excitedly chatting throughout the evening.

Here Some of those Surprise Elements:

1. The Reveal Element:

Draping elements have become a hot commodity in the event planning industry, as they serve multiple purposes. For example, adding some draping to cordon off parts of you event space makes for an even bigger reveal moment when your guests pull back the drapes and dance on into the evening.

2. The Wow Element:

Don’t stop at the big reveal moment. Keep those surprised feelings going with your guests by ensuring that your event space takes their breath away the moment they enter. Up lighting elements and grand décor are a few ways to transform event spaces in unexpected ways.

3. The Entertainment Element:

Get your guests up on their feet with some surprise entertainers. Think outside the box with this and really go for some unique entertainment elements. Impersonators, characters, dancers, elaborate performers... go for it all! Show your guests that you have more than one creative idea up your sleeve to make the event a night to remember.

4. The Unique Elements:

Thinking outside the box for these surprise elements will get you the best reactions. Start or end the event with a little confetti surprise in the form of an exploding balloon that will rain down balloons and confetti around everyone dancing the night away. Confetti cannons and sparkles might seem a bit over the top, but you can never have too much confetti when celebrating, and what better way to send everyone off then with some sparklers.

5. The Dessert Elements:

The best part of any event: the grand finale of course! Wow your guests with a surprise end of the night fountain of pure love, aka chocolate. It will have your guests thinking they’ve entered dessert heaven with all the delectable chocolate dipping options!

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