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The Felt Factory by Romano’s Catering

What’s Old Is New Again!

Change allows for fresh ideas, new interpretations, growth in all aspects and most importantly change forges a path for a bigger future. At Romano’s Catering we acknowledge that the rich history that surrounds our venue is larger than life. So, we are embracing our historical roots by re-branding the property as The Felt Factory by Romano’s Catering.

Felt from wool is considered the oldest known textile. It is smooth. It is warm. It is beautiful. This new name brings a whole new feeling to the exceptional food and service that has welcomed thousands of repeat customers for the last 30 years. It is accompanied by even more passion and focus on weaving excellence throughout your event experience.

While we may have evolved our brand, we have retained the same delightful staff, the same incredible food and the same impeccable service that you are all so very used too. We are here to provide a one of a kind experience to all who enter our doors.

So let’s get re-acquainted…..The Felt Factory by Romano’s Catering is Northeast Philadelphia’s premiere industrial chic event venue providing an experience you can feel. We’ve come a long way since 1848.

See us again for the first time:

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